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Salon Rules & Appointment Details

At my Beauty Salon, I thrive on providing each and every client who walks through the door the best possible service I can offer, even more so now during a pandemic. That’s why I have some extra policies in place to ensure everyone enjoys their Gems Beauty Treatments experience.
They’re not rules, they’re just some general things to keep in mind to make sure your experience goes as smoothly  as possible.

Salon Rules & Appointment Details: Policies

Covid Rules & Policies

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You will be asked to sanitise your hands starting your required treatment.  The therapist will be using sanitiser aswell.


All surfaces & items are cleaned, dissected and sanitised to make the salon as safe as possible. Tools are kept in barbicde disinfectant solution.
After every clients appointment I have allowed extra time to make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly.


All towels, massage bed sheets & couch roll are changed after every client.
Fresh towels, sheets & couch roll are supplied for each required treatment.

Salon Rules & Appointment Details: Our Team
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Every manicure & pedicure client will have their own nail file and buffer kept in a sealed bag with their name on. 
It will be sanitised after each treatment and put back in their bag.
By clients having their own, it reduces the risk or germs.


When booking an appointment with me you will be asked to pay a non refundable deposit per treatment to secure the booking.
This can be paid via:
- Bank Transfer / Paypal.
- Card via an online link I can send.
- Cash (The booking will only be held for 48hours).

*Your deposit secures the booking, if cancelled with less than 48 hours notice you will lose the deposit & need to pay again to rebook.*


Consultation forms will need to be completed and checked regularly for any changes these include personal questions like address, dob, medication and conditions. For massage bookings you will be sent a medical checklist prior to booking confirmation as a massage can make some conditions worse. 
This is so I can carry out my job correctly and safely. They are kept on file safely and client 
Patch tests will need to be carried out 48 hours before your appointment if you are a new tint client, it's been 6 months or if you have had Covid in the past.

Salon Rules & Appointment Details: Our Team
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Here at Gems Beauty Treatments I thrive to give the best experience to each client and by doing this I need to stick to a tight schedule. Also, I have the extra stress of cleaning in between clients.
Please make sure you leave enough time to get to your appointment. 
If you are late, I can't guarantee that your treatment will need to be reduced or even cancelled.
Unfortunately, full payment will still be expected.


You will receive a booking confirmation on the day you book. 
The day before your appointment, you will receive an email reminder and a detailed text reminder providing you with all the info you need.
Please make sure you have updated me with any new email address and numbers.
Please do make a note in a calender of your appointment.


Payments accepted in the salon:
- Bank Transfer.
- Paypal.
- Card via SumUp machine 
(which does accept debit, credit card, apple pay & google pay).
- Cash.

Salon Rules & Appointment Details: Our Team
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