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Nail File & Bag


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These nail files are brilliant. I have used them in the salon for a few years now and they are durable. Clients always say how good they are.

dadi oil.jpg

Dadi Cuticle Oil


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3.75ml Bottle

Dadi' Oil is an organic nail treatment oil designed to deliver flexibility, toughness, and shine to the natural nail, nail enhancement and the skin!  

Dadi' Oil penetrates quickly and leaves no greasy after-feel. 

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Gel Polish Paint On Remover


2 Available
Gel polish should never be picked off as it can damage your nail layers.
This Magic Soak-Off Gel Polish Remover does the trick - quickly and safely!
Easy to use, paint on after buffing the gel polish, the nail surface will automatically burst after about 5 mins. 
I leave on for around 15 mins, and then scrape off. I tend to do a few applications. 
See below for the full kit which comes with instructions. 

Soak off kit photo.JPG

Reusable Home Gel Remover Kit


2 Available
Gel polish should never be picked off as it can damage your nail layers.
As removal can take a while it is easier & cheaper for clients to remove their gel polish at home before their appointment otherwise it can work out expensive. 
Kit includes good quality salon products such as:
- Gel polish paint on remover
- Nail file
- Nail buffer 
- Cuticle pusher/scraper
- Laminated step by step guide
- A paper bag to keep it all together

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